He can repeat

He can repeat It can wave with a hand at farewell, bring a doll or satisfy such request, as Approach, please, to the grandmother.

The kid can tell some simple words or show, as this or that animal talks.

He can repeat for you movement which you carry out, calling for silence, putting a forefinger to lips and speaking Tshsh.

The child equally well remembers words of a native and foreign language.

Possibilities of the child in studying of various languages surpass possibilities of the adult.

That the child will acquire in halfminute, the adult person should spend minutes.

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Travmirovaniye They can arise for various reasons.

For example, at dryness of a mucous membrane of a nasal cavity or at a superficial arrangement of small blood vessels.

Infectious diseases, such as scarlet fever or sinusitis, also cause bleedings from a nose.

Travmirovaniye of a mucous membrane too will lead to emergence of nasal bleeding.

Symptoms of nasal bleeding are bleeding from a nose; nausea or disorder of digestion because of a blood proglatyvaniye; vomiting can contain the scarlet swallowed blood; AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED a degteobrazny chair because of the swallowed blood; scarlet blood from a nose if integrity of a superficial vessel is broken; dark blood from a nose if integrity of deeply located vessel is broken.

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From the girl

From the girl In search of the realization they even can be released actually from parental dependence and to become adult and responsible people.

Only the price of this freedom happens sometimes too high! The women who have not passed normally teenage period, dream of the unearthly love, the new child as did not test the real parent feelings before.

From the girl mothers they want to turn into female mother.

The period of rebelliousness is necessary for all.

It gives freedom, responsibility for and the acts, and also a sense of responsibility for other people.

Parents release the child in the adult, independent world.

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And I told

And I told Vasya, and you know, I can send you this photo then.

Then we went for a drive on attractions, by train.

One boy cried [].

And it landed, and the train went further.

I pressed on buttons, the signal also was distributed.

Then we went to cafe.

We there ate potato, sandwiches also drank juice.

Then went home to congratulate Masha happy birthday.

We to it presented gifts a doll, a doggie, there are a lot of books.

To Masha very much all was pleasant.

And I told it any wishes.

Then grandmother came, a pajamas and a cockerel presented.

Then the aunt Tanya with Alyosha prikhoDili was presented also to it by cartridges about Neznayka, about Nils and about any mouse.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Along with it it is necessary to consider inclinations, abilities, talents and tendencies kazhthat child in the sphere of art, a science or equipment.

However to consider so that children understood all this again in comparison with the main task – to become the Person.

It is necessary to devote special time to the subject most interesting the child – to him.

It is important to answer it estestvenny questions, for example Why in general I should go to school, and also to pay its attention emotional sklato du – to a source of desires, thoughts and internal impulses.

Gradually he will learn to deal by itself and preodo with an ego which separates people.

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